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Pop quiz: What does the acronym “PTF” stand for?

If you answered Program Temporary Fix, you got it right. If instead you replied with “new functions and features,” you too would be correct.

IBM i has a long history of extending the value of existing operating system releases for its customers. Some enhancements are tactical (small) while others have a wider scope. In all cases, until recently, it was difficult to communicate and advertise IBM i improvements to existing releases.

In April, 2011 the IBM i Technical Topic (aka iZone) was created on the IBM i developerWorks site. This site is dedicated to providing timely and useful information to IBM i programmers, system administrators and anyone else who wants to stay current with IBM i technology.

One aspect of the iZone is the creation of the Technology Updates wiki. This wiki is neat because it provides an easy way for the IBM i team to post details about software enhancements to existing releases as those enhancements are shipped.

An article has been written which explains how the wiki works: Let the IBM i Technology Updates wiki show you the way.”

Take a minute or two to read the article or better yet, visit the Technology Updates wiki and subscribe yourself to whatever portion of the wiki is most interesting to you.

This week’s blog was written by Scott Forstie. Scott is the team leader of the SQL team and has been a leader in the deployment of the IBM iZone on developerWorks. Thanks, Scott!

This blog post was originally published on IBMSystemsMag.com and is reproduced here by permission of IBM Systems Media.