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IBM recently published an IBM i Performance FAQ. This document is a fantastic resource on all types of performance topics. It reviews the various components of system performance, discusses benchmarking, sizing and capacity planning, monitoring, and covers the performance tools that are available on i. The document has answers to many commonly asked questions and ends with an extensive list of references.

The IBM i Performance FAQ was put together by the Systems Performance team in Rochester, drawing upon the knowledge of leading experts on IBM i performance from the development team, the support center and Lab Services.

All IBM i administrators should read this document and it should be used as an initial reference for any performance-related questions. It is the single best place to start for anything related to performance topics on i.

The End-to-End Performance Management on IBM i Redbooks publication is a good reference for IBM i performance tools. Although it was written based upon IBM i 6.1 capabilities in 2009, the content of that Redbooks document remains mostly current.

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