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You may remember the IBM announcement last October that included “IBM Navigator for i usability and performance enhancements.” Late in December, all of the required PTFs for this functionality were made available. However, the announcement information did not include all of the details of the new enhancements. If you take a look at the PTF cover letter of the IBM Navigator for i service pack update, SI47573, you will discover there are more enhancements that have been made than were included in the announcement information.

The announcement information covered the general usability and performance enhancements to the user interface – significant improvements have been made to the navigation with expandable sections in the left-hand navigation frame, which makes it more like System i Navigator. The usability and performance of tabs and tables have also been significantly improved. The Navigator for ipage on the developerWorks site has additional information.

One area that had major enhancements that was not included in the announcement information was the Performance Data Investigator. The blog last fall, Performance Data Investigator – Better than Ever, reviewed those changes. The IBM i developerWorks site was recently updated with more information on these Fall 2012 enhancements.

If you read the PTF cover letter referenced above, you will discover that there are additional enhancements to IFS support, Disk Management support, OmniFind, DHCP and Database. Most of the enhancements are available for both the 6.1 and 7.1 releases and at the end of this article is a list of the PTFs you will need for each release.

I encourage you to install these PTFs if you have not yet done so and start using the latest features. You’ll be ready to explore the additional enhancements that I will write about in the upcoming weeks.

You need the following PTFs for full functionality. Note the PTF group levels listed below are the latest levels available as of the writing of this blog.

◦       IBM HTTP server for i group PTF (includes the java toolbox PTFs)
This PTF will provide the functionality you need for the Navigator console.

▪       7.1 – SF99368 level 17
▪       6.1 – SF99115 level 29 

◦       Java group PTF
Since the Navigator function is implemented in Java, it’s always a good idea to have the latest Java group PTF installed.

▪       7.1 – SF99572 level 12
▪       6.1 – SF99562 level 23

◦       Database group PTF
Many enhancements were made to the database capabilities so you also need the latest DB2 PTFs on the partitions you are managing. Performance Data Investigator enhancements for DB2 are only supported on 7.1.

▪       7.1 – SF99701 level 23
▪       6.1 – SF99601 level 28

◦       Performance Tools group PTF 
The Performance Data Investigator enhancements also have operating system enhancements that are required; you will need these PTFs on the partitions you are managing.

▪       7.1 – SF99145 level 5
▪       6.1 – SF99144 level 6

This blog post was originally published on IBMSystemsMag.com and is reproduced here by permission of IBM Systems Media.