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In recent years, more and more IBM i clients are using logical partitioning in their Power Systems environments. IBM has many resources available to you regarding PowerVM and logical partitioning, as well as some excellent white papers on related performance topics. I thought it might be helpful to give a list of some of these resources in case you were not aware of them.


There are several Redbooks publications that have been published on PowerVM and most of these have been recently updated. Brief descriptions of each Redbooks publication are listed below.

IBM PowerVM Getting Started Guide

This Redbooks publication is a quick start guide to help you install and configure a complete PowerVM virtualization solution on IBM Power Systems. It highlights how to use the management console interfaces to configure PowerVM.

IBM PowerVM Virtualization Introduction and Configuration

An introduction guide for system administrators, providing instructions for these tasks:

• Configuration and creation of partitions and resources on the HMC
• Installation and configuration of the Virtual I/O Server
• Creation and installation of virtualized partitions
• Examples using AIX, IBM i and Linux

IBM PowerVM Virtualization Managing and Monitoring

This Redbooks publication provides an organized view of best practices for managing and monitoring your PowerVM environment concerning virtualized resources managed by the Virtual I/O Server.

IBM PowerVM Best Practices

This Redbooks publication provides best practices for planning, installing, maintaining and monitoring the IBM PowerVM Enterprise Edition virtualization features on IBM POWER7 processor technology-based servers.


The following papers were authored or coauthored by members of the IBM i Performance team, IBM i developers or PowerVM developers.

Under the Hood: POWER7 Logical Paritions
Under the Hood: Of POWER7 Processor Caches
POWER7 Virtualization Best Practice Guide
Simultaneous Multi-threading on POWER7 Processors

All of the above papers are found on the Performance Management on IBM i website, where there are many other papers and documentation resources that I did not specifically list in this blog.

developerWorks Wiki

And finally, there is a PowerVM wiki on the IBM developerWorks site where you can find a tremendous amount of additional information on partitioning, the Virtual I/O Server, HMC and all related PowerVM technologies.

Happy reading!

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