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IBM has made another set of announcements and among them is IBM i 7.1 Technology Refresh 7. As part of the TR7 enhancements, the ability to schedule verifications has been added to the Application Runtime Expert.

From the IBM i TR7 RFA:

“Scheduling flexibility enhancements have been made to IBM Application Runtime Expert.”

The Application Runtime Expert product (5733-ARE) has been enhanced to include the ability to schedule verifications based on a timeframe that fits your needs. From the Application Runtime Expert GUI interface, it is possible to schedule a verification to run at a specific time against a list of chosen systems. This provides additional flexibility and usability to help extend the usefulness of the product. This new support will be delivered in the latest HTTP PTF Group and will require that the 5733-ARE product is already installed. These new enhancements are available for both IBM i 6.1 and IBM i 7.1.

The Application Runtime Expert is easy to use and the capability to schedule verifications makes it even easier; you no longer have to remember to manually run verifications. You can set up groups of systems with the attributes you want to have validated and specify the scheduling frequency; once it is configured, the verifications will be done automatically for you. All you have to do is review the resulting reports from the verification.

When you go to the console to verify the systems you have selected, there is now a scheduling icon.  Click on the Schedulelink to open the scheduling window where you can select when you want the verification to automatically run. You can schedule verifications on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule.


The scheduling support is part of the Application Runtime Expert HTTP server, so the IBMARE server must be running in order for the scheduled verification to occur.

As a reminder, the HTTP group PTFs are:

• 7.1 – SF99368
• 6.1 – SF99115

The Application Runtime Expert for i website contains a lot of useful information.

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