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Hopefully you are aware of and use the IBM Preventive Service Planning (PSP) website. This web page has links to the where you find detailed information you might need on cumulative PTF packages, HIPER PTFs, defective PTFs, PTF Groups and more for currently supported releases.

Some time ago, IBM started supplying downloadable .csv files from the PSP website so you can get the detailed PTF listings in a spreadsheet file in addition to a PDF document.

Having the detailed PTF summary listings in a .csv file is very useful; you can take the .csv file and copy the information into an IBM i Db2 file by using the copy from import file (CPYFRMIMPF) command. This support allows you to easily review the available PTFs and more quickly determine if you are missing any fixes.

Each fix summary PSP page has attachments at the end to include the information in both a PDF and .csv format.

My final screen capture shows how the information is displayed when you open the .csv file as a spreadsheet:


If you weren’t aware of this feature, hopefully you’ll find it useful in your PTF management processes.

This blog post was originally published on IBMSystemsMag.com and is reproduced here by permission of IBM Systems Media.