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Two new commands have been provided in IBM i 7.2 to assist clients with handling TCP/IP configuration information.

The new Retrieve TCP/IP Information (RTVTCPINF) command will gather related TCP/IP configuration items (DB files, data areas, validation lists, environment variables, IFS files, etc.) for the systems TCP/IP processing as well as supported TCP/IP servers. 

A full system backup of this information is still recommended by using the Save System (SAVSYS) command. The RTVTCPINF command will take a snapshot that ensures all related TCP/IP configuration items are saved together as a single “working set.” This helps to avoid problems where items that must be processed together as a single unit get out of sync, something that can easily happen when related items reside in multiple places on the system. The RTVTCPINF command is automatically run and saved into the QUSRSYS library before the QUSRSYS library is saved, similar to the Save System Information (SAVSYSINF) command.

The Update TCP/IP Information (UPDTCPINF) command is available to restore the selected type of TCP/IP configuration information. This can be used to recover from problems that are reported against some TCP/IP configuration item, or to quickly back out a TCP/IP configuration change to a last known working configuration. It can also be useful to transport a working TCP/IP configuration to another system.

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