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About a year ago, I wrote a short blog on the IBM Power Systems Webinars. These technical webinars are a great resource to learn more about IBM Power Systems and virtualization topics. This week I have just an update – the replays for these webinars are available on YouTube. A YouTube channel and a playlist have been set up where you can find the replays of all the past seminars.

This blog post is obsolete as these YouTube channels no longer exist. The Power VUG Technical Webinar Series page has links to replays for past webinars.

The BM Power VUG Youtube Channel
The IMM Power Systems Technical Webinars Playlist

These Power Systems technical webinars provide information on the key features for POWER and AIX, Linux for Power and IBM i and are intended to help you save systems administration time. This is a series of lectures and hands-on demos and each of the sessions is about one hour long. These webinars are aimed at a technical audience (operators, systems administrators and technical specialists) – people using (or planning to use) IBM’s Power based systems. If you haven’t watched these webinars yet, it’s now much easier to do so.

This blog post was originally published on IBMSystemsMag.com and is reproduced here by permission of IBM Systems Media.