Search the Job Log of an Active Job

Job logs for ended jobs, where the job log is in a spooled file, are easy to search on the green screen. When viewing the spooled job log, you simply enter your search text in the find field and press F16. In addition, you can use F14 to limit the columns in which your search is performed, then press F16 to search. 

However, when using the green screen, there is no find field when viewing the job log of an active job. Jobs with pending job logs have a similar problem. 


Copy Performance Data using ACS IFS Tasks

This week, I want to review considerations to copy performance data to a different partition. Many IBM i shops may want to analyze performance data on a partition other than the production system.  The Performance Data Investigator uses SQL, and it may be desirable to keep that SQL workload off your production partition.  


How to Identify Your Active 5250 Session

I’ve been using tabbed sessions in the ACS 5250 emulator for a long time now. I really like the tab feature; tabs along with watermarks made it easy to identify which system I am logged in to. With a bit of configuration, you can make it easy to identify the active tab as well as customize the appearance of inactive tabs.