Group PTF Currency

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how you can Manage PTFs with Navigator; that blog reviewed the PTF management capabilities that you can now use to manage your PTFs via the Web browser. I also mentioned that you can acquire your PTFs from Fix Central. However, there’s one additional thing to consider – how do you easily know if there are PTF updates applicable to your system that you should download? 


Take Another Look at IBM i Access Client Solutions

This article is mostly obsolete, but there is a link to a document that is useful; I’ll get around to fixing this post at some point.

Most of you have probably read about the IBM i Access Client Solutions product that was announced in July of 2012; several articles have been written on the topic. The IBM i Access website section on Client Solutions has a summary of the functionality, and it’s on this page that you will find the URL to download the latest updates. 


Use Client Special Registers

Client special registers are a database-specific resource that can be optionally used by application providers to imprint identity or any other useful character-based detail for an application environment. Using client special registers doesn’t affect or impact the execution of SQL statements. Db2 for IBM i users can see the client special register values when using Db2 for i tools. When an application or client places meaningful values in the registers, database analysts and database administrators will have a better awareness of the application context.