What Happened to the IBM i PCRM?

The Performance Capabilities Reference Manual (PCRM) was THE resource many used when they needed to know something about IBM i performance. That something could be information about performance test results, I/O performance information, performance considerations for IPL, save/restore, partitioning, CPW ratings and many other miscellaneous topics. The last large version of the PCRM was published for IBM i 7.1 in August of 2013. When IBM i 7.2 became available in spring of 2014, that update of the PCRM was substantially smaller.


Power Virtualization Technical Webinars on YouTube

About a year ago, I wrote a short blog on the IBM Power Systems Webinars. These technical webinars are a great resource to learn more about IBM Power Systems and virtualization topics. This week I have just an update – the replays for these webinars are available on YouTube. A YouTube channel and a playlist have been set up where you can find the replays of all the past seminars.

This blog post is obsolete as these YouTube channels no longer exist. The Power VUG Technical Webinar Series page has links to replays for past webinars.


Redbooks Mobile App

The mobile app has been sunset as of 31 Jan 2018.

I think it’s fairly safe to say that most everyone is familiar with Redbooks and you probably have your favorite ones. You now have another option for managing and reading them. IBM has made available a Redbooks mobile application.


IBM i on developerWorks

This blog post is obsolete, but left in place for historical purposes. IBM deprecated the developerWorks site on March 31, 2020 and the information there was migrated to IBM developer or Support web sites. Refer to IBM i Technology Updates Have a New Home for the updated information.

Hello and thank you for reading this “i Can” blog thread, where I’ll share an update on our plans and progress for IBM i on developerWorks. As the IBM i developerWorks content manager, this topic is near and dear to me.


IBM TechDocs

This fall, I’ve written a few blogs on documentation and references – PowerVM, VIOS, and IBM i. I thought I’d conclude 2013 with one more blog on documentation resources – and that’s to tell you about IBM TechDocs.