IBM i on developerWorks

This blog post is obsolete, but left in place for historical purposes. IBM deprecated the developerWorks site on March 31, 2020 and the information there was migrated to IBM developer or Support web sites. Refer to IBM i Technology Updates Have a New Home for the updated information.

Hello and thank you for reading this “i Can” blog thread, where I’ll share an update on our plans and progress for IBM i on developerWorks. As the IBM i developerWorks content manager, this topic is near and dear to me.


IBM TechDocs

This fall, I’ve written a few blogs on documentation and references – PowerVM, VIOS, and IBM i. I thought I’d conclude 2013 with one more blog on documentation resources – and that’s to tell you about IBM TechDocs.


IBM i References

I like birthdays, even as the numbers get larger. I’ll admit that I like to get birthday presents; I like to give them too. This week marks the 4th year of the “i Can” blog, so this week’s blog is a gift of reading material.

The reference material in this blog is a bit dated, but I left it in place as some of these links are still useful. I will write a 2020 version at some point.


POWER and PowerVM Reference Information

In recent years, more and more IBM i clients are using logical partitioning in their Power Systems environments. IBM has many resources available to you regarding PowerVM and logical partitioning, as well as some excellent white papers on related performance topics. I thought it might be helpful to give a list of some of these resources in case you were not aware of them.


Three Years of ‘i Can’

You know the phrase, “My, how time flies!” And it seems it has! On Aug. 10, 2009, the first i Can blog, “Why i Can,” was published. Since that time, the blog has been updated almost every week and somewhere around 140 blog entries have now been written. My list of topics to write about is as long as ever; there are always new topics as the IBM i development team continues to release new function via Technology Refreshes. The list of older topics to write about is endless.