A Low-Cost External Storage Configuration With IBM i

I want to tell you about a recently announced enhancement to IBM i 7.1 that allows you to natively attach entry-level external storage even to a Power Systems Express Model 710 or 720. Some of the supported configurations do not require a switch. This gives you a low-cost entry point into an external storage configuration that is a building block for some of the newer Power Systems and IBM i technologies, and gives an option for adding additional storage to the Power Systems Express systems that cannot attach an additional I/O drawer.


Suspend My i

An enhancement made in 7.1 was the support of Suspend/Resume, a feature of PowerVM that was already supported on AIX and Linux.

From the RFA:
PowerVM includes support for an IBM i partition to be suspended, and later resumed. Using Suspend/Resume, clients can perform long-term suspension of partitions, which frees server resources used by that partition, and later resume operation of that partition and its applications on the same server.