PASE Twilight Zone: Removing More Myths About IBM i

IBM i is an old friend. We programming geeks of golden age have been writing reliable business programs for years on IBM i. Our IBM i has protected our programming investment like a family member—operating system releases, hardware upgrades, no matter, our programs still run our businesses decades later. Unlike so many other business machines we shall not name, we people of IBM i, can truly say we got a good business deal with our IBM i.


PASE for Programmers

Download AIX Open Source binaries for your IBM i …

IBM i PASE Option 33 re-distributes many common AIX binaries so you do not have to FTP them from another AIX machine. However, if you are looking for additional PASE/Linux utilities found on many Linux laptops (zip, unzip, gunzip, etc.), check out Young i Professionals (YIPs) instructions for downloading AIX Open Source binaries into PASE.


Command Retrieve Exit Programs Can Run After Command Completion

There are many places in the operating systems where it might be desirable for you (or third-party application providers) to extend the functionality of what the operating system does. In order to provide this extensibility, many operating systems provide the support for invoking programs. On i, these are called exits or exit points. The exit points are those predefined interfaces where your program can get control An exit program is the program you write that will get control from operating system functions at those predefined points.