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Implement IBM i Administration Runtime Expert (ARE)

An ARE implementation uses the free IBM i Administration Runtime Expert product to create templates that validate attributes on your IBM i systems.

With an ARE implementation project, Dawn first works to understand key components in your environment that require a consistent state to ensure no unexpected failures.  These components include:

  • system configuration and environmental attributes
  • application attributes
  • any other attribute that is critical in your environment


Sample Summary Report for custom plugins

These attributes may be validated on a single system, or ARE can be used to ensure these attributes are consistent across multiple partitions.

Dawn then guides your team in creating the templates that define the attributes to be verified, setting up system groups on which the validations are performed, and understanding the generated reports.

For unique requirements, Dawn can assist in developing custom plugins to extend the base ARE product to validate any attribute that may be required in your environment.

ARE implementation projects are easily done remotely.

For companies that require deeper in-house knowledge on ARE, Dawn also offers ARE training.

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