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Custom Workshops

Using the IBM i Performance Data Investigator

This workshop reviews the performance tasks in Navigator for i, with an emphasis on the Performance Data Investigator. This workshop can run from 2 to 4 days, depending upon the detail desired.

During this workshop, the following will be covered:

  • Best practices for Collection Service Configuration
  • How to use Investigate Data to review Collection Services data
  • How to create customized performance data reports
  • How to enable and review historical data
  • How to use the Batch Model tool
  • Basic system monitoring

Optional Job Watcher Workshop

  • Details on IBM i Job Wait Accounting technology
  • How to collect Job Watcher data
  • How to review and analyze Job Watcher data with the Performance Data Investigator
  • Deep dive into Job Watcher

If the client has iDoctor, we can optionally add:

  • Using iDoctor monitors
  • Using iDoctor to analyze job watcher data

Get Started with the IBM i Administration Runtime Expert

This workshop covers the IBM i Administration Runtime Expert product. It can run from 1 to 3 days, depending upon the detail desired on the following topics:

  • Installation of the IBM i 5733-ARE product
  • Review of the plugins provided by IBM
  • Creating templates
  • Validations
  • Reports
  • Implementation plans
  • Advanced verifications with SQL, CL, and scripting
  • Extending ARE with your own custom plugins

Custom Education

Customized education focuses on lecture-type classes, with interaction, discussion and questions strongly encouraged. If you have a topical area not listed below, be sure to ask.

IBM i Architecture and Overview

Intended for people new to IBM i, this is a 1-day session that reviews the architecture and implementation of IBM i. It is a technical session that provides an overview of the operating system architecture and components.

Work Management

  • Basic work management (traditional)
  • Advanced work management (traditional)
  • Server job work management / Prestart job management
  • Latest work management enhancements and features
  • Hidden secrets of work management
  • Extending work management with IBM i Services

Performance Management

  • IBM i performance data collectors and when/how to use them
  • Collection Services, Job Watcher, Performance Explorer, Disk Watcher
  • Performance management best practices
  • IBM i Navigator Performance Tasks
  • Using the IBM i Performance Data Investigator
  • IBM i Navigator Monitors
  • System monitors and message monitors

IBM i Systems Management Tools

  • Navigator for i
  • IBM i Access Client Solutions
  • Administration Runtime Expert
  • IBM i Services

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