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Custom Workshops

Using the IBM i Performance Data Investigator

This workshop reviews the performance tasks in Navigator for i, with an emphasis on the Performance Data Investigator. This workshop can run from 2 to 4 days, depending upon the detail desired.

During this workshop, the following will be covered:

  • Best practices for Collection Service Configuration
  • How to use Investigate Data to review Collection Services data
  • How to create customized performance data reports
  • How to enable and review historical data
  • How to use the Batch Model tool
  • Basic system monitoring

Optional extension to include Job Watcher using PDI

  • Overview of IBM i Wait Accounting technology
  • How to collect Job Watcher data
  • How to review and analyze Job Watcher data with the Performance Data Investigator
  • Deep dive into Job Watcher

IBM i iDoctor Workshop

This workshop is similar to the Using the IBM i Performance Data Investigator workshop, but uses the iDoctor tool instead of PDI.  During this workshop, the client participants will use the iDoctor tool to review and analyze their own performance data.

This workshop can run from 3 to 5 days, depending upon the detail desired.

  • Deep dive into IBM i Wait Accounting technology
  • IBM i Performance Data Collectors and when to use them
  • Navigating the iDoctor GUI
  • Analyzing collections
  • Using iDoctor to analyze Collection Services data
  • Collect Job Watcher data using iDoctor monitors
  • Using iDoctor to analyze job watcher data

Get Started with the IBM i Administration Runtime Expert

This workshop covers the IBM i Administration Runtime Expert product. It can run from 1 to 3 days, depending upon the detail desired on the following topics:

  • Installation of the IBM i 5733-ARE product
  • Review of the plugins provided by IBM
  • Creating templates
  • Validations
  • Reports
  • Implementation plans
  • Advanced verifications with SQL, CL, and scripting
  • Extending ARE with your own custom plugins

Custom Education

Customized education focuses on lecture-type classes, with interaction, discussion and questions strongly encouraged. If you have a topical area not listed below, be sure to ask.

IBM i Architecture and Overview

Intended for people new to IBM i, this is a 1-day session that reviews the architecture and implementation of IBM i. It is a technical session that provides an overview of the operating system architecture and components.

Work Management

  • Basic work management (traditional)
  • Advanced work management (traditional)
  • Server job work management / Prestart job management
  • Latest work management enhancements and features
  • Hidden secrets of work management
  • Extending work management with IBM i Services

Performance Management

  • IBM i performance data collectors and when/how to use them
  • Collection Services, Job Watcher, Performance Explorer, Disk Watcher
  • Performance management best practices
  • IBM i Navigator Performance Tasks
  • Using the IBM i Performance Data Investigator
  • IBM i Navigator Monitors
  • System monitors and message monitors

IBM i Systems Management Tools

  • Navigator for i
  • IBM i Access Client Solutions
  • Administration Runtime Expert
  • IBM i Services

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