The Dawn of Unparalleled IBM i Performance

IBM i Performance Reviews

With each IBM i Performance Review, Dawn performs a uniquely thorough investigation of overall system performance. Her multifaceted knowledge of the IBM i operating system produces meaningful recommendations for in-depth diagnostics.

A Performance Review starts with understanding the client’s needs.  Is there a concern with system performance?  Or is there a need to capture a baseline – the system’s performance characteristics – for  comparison in the future?

Your system remains secure and unchanged throughout this engagement.

Performance Analysis

Using Collection Services data in conjunction with your system’s characteristics and configuration, Dawn scrutinizes your environment for red flags such as:

  • Unusual or unexpected wait conditions
  • High CPU utilization
  • Excessive page faulting
  • Long disk response times
  • Jobs that use large amounts of system resources

Performance Report & Recommendations

Once Dawn documents all findings, she synthesizes the results and delivers a full report, including her recommendations on tuning the system configuration and how to fix any issues.

Quarterly Performance Assessments

Geared to clients who want to keep performance optimized over time as their business or workload evolves, our quarterly program begins with the initial performance review. Once we establish baseline data, each quarter we initiate a follow-up review to identify changes in workload or performance characteristics. This service is key for clients looking to avoid unpleasant surprises.

On-site or Remote

Onsite performance reviews tend to generate more complete results due to easier communications and discussion of any issues that are discovered.  When a fast-performing connection to the client system is possible, performance reviews can be conducted remotely.

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