Exploring the IBM OmniFind Text Search Server

This paper explores the IBM Db2 for i indexing technology — the IBM OmniFind Text Search Server. This paper introduces you to the OmniFind text-indexing technology and how it compares with traditional database index technologies. In addition, the paper discusses how applications that are developed in any language can use SQL to perform text searches against simple text data stored in Db2 databases, business data encapsulated in XML documents, and data stored in rich-text document formats such as Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word.

Db2 for i

This IBM Support web site is a great starting point for Db2 for i. It provides an introduction to Db2 for i and has many links to additional information.

IBM i Services

This IBM i Technology Updates web page has the latest information on IBM i Services. IBM i Services allow you to use SQL to access system information.

Parallelism on IBM i

IBM’s Mike Cain explains the importance of the introduction of parallelism for IBM i on Power.