The Story of Application (now Administration) Runtime Expert

The Application/Administration Runtime Expert (5733ARE) product was announced in June 2010 and when this product first became available, several articles were written about it. However, since that time there has been less written and when I’ve asked clients if they are aware of this product and what it can do, I’ve discovered that many people are not familiar with it.

Fast forward to 2020, and the story is the same, other than IBM has renamed the product to Administration Runtime Expert. If you have more than 2 IBM i partitions, you should be interested in ARE.


IBM i 7.1 Enhancements – Something for Everyone

Last week, IBM had a major announcement, which included several significant IBM i enhancements. There were so many great things announced for i that this blog will just review the latest updates at a high level and future blogs will discuss some of these enhancements in more detail. This is a departure from my usual approach to technical topics – but there was just so much content in this announcement that I wanted to make sure it gets the awareness it deserves. There was no way I could pick just one topic to write about this week.