IBM i References

I like birthdays, even as the numbers get larger. I’ll admit that I like to get birthday presents; I like to give them too. This week marks the 4th year of the “i Can” blog, so this week’s blog is a gift of reading material.

The reference material in this blog is a bit dated, but I left it in place as some of these links are still useful. I will write a 2020 version at some point.


BRMS Enterprise Function Is Coming!

BRMS Enterprise capabilities: For clients who have several systems, managing backups can be a chore. The Enterprise features of BRMS, which are part of the BRMS Advanced feature, make it easier to do centralized management in these environments.


Encrypt my Backups with BRMS

What is software encryption with BRMS? 

Simply said, it’s a way to encrypt your data to tape, via Backup, Recovery and Media Services (BRMS) without special hardware! A great option for those who don’t want to purchase the hardware option (tape drives that do the encryption) and only have small amounts of data to encrypt. Users who have large amounts of data that need to be encrypted should look at the hardware option for encryption.