Copy an Open Spooled File

In the past, you could not copy a spooled file when it was still open; if you attempted the copy, it would fail with CPF3482, “Copy request failed. Spool file &1 is open.” The spooled file had to be completed before the copy would be allowed.

With IBM i 7.3, you can now copy an open spooled file.


Copy Spooled Files to PDFs

Some time ago, I wrote the blog, “Export Spooled Files to PDF Files,” that described the support available in the 6.1 and 7.1 releases to generate PDF files, either natively or by converting spooled files to PDFs. Near the end of that blog article I wrote, “I wonder if IBM will provide an easier interface to do this someday? It seems like it would be really nice to simply copy a spooled file to a PDF … ”