Extend DB2 Web Query’s Capabilities

Many of you may have already heard about or are currently using DB2 Web Query, the IBM i query and reporting product first made available in September 2007. But did you know that IBM also offers a companion product called the DB2 Web Query Software Development Kit (SDK)? This separate licensed program product was delivered at the end of 2008 in response to customer feedback. Many of our customers love the powerful reports and graphs they can create with DB2 Web Query. They also love the fact that DB2 Web Query runs natively on the IBM i and allows them to leave all of their data in DB2 for i. Many developers, however, needed a way to seamlessly integrate the reports and graphs into their own applications. This is exactly what the SDK lets you do. The SDK provides a set of functions (API-like interfaces) that are actually Web services accessible via SOAP, the industry standard for service orientated architecture (SOA). If you’re familiar with Web services, you already know that this means easy, quick and reliable application integration.