Function Usage Capabilities, Part 2

A reader comment from last week’s blog asked the question: 

Where can I find detailed documentation that describes exactly what each of these FUNCTION IDs controls? Does one of the available function IDs allow me to control interactive SQL usage? I have some users (new programmers, support people, etc.) where I want to prohibit the DELETE, UPDATE, CREATE operations but allow a SELECT operation.


Function Usage Capabilities

Did you know that you can limit access to system functions by registering which users can access which functions? You can allow access or deny access via the function usage capabilities; depending on the component, you could allow one user to change some settings and allow another user to only view those settings. Many system components support the use of function usage capabilities to provide more granular access to their capabilities. Functional usage does not eliminate or replace the need for securing resources on your system; it simply provides an additional way to control what functions a user can access.