Routing Work to Subsystems

In the blog Route Db2 Requests to a Specific Subsystem, I wrote how you can use the QSYS2.SET_SERVER_SBS_ROUTING procedure to route work for database queries using the QZDASOINIT or QRWTSRVR server jobs to customized subsystems. This is a new way to route work based upon the requesting user profile that augments the other ways you can route work to subsystems. 


Run an HTTP Server in its own Subsystem

One of the enhancements in the IBM i 7.2 release is the ability to configure an HTTP server to specify the subsystem in which it runs. Given that more and more work is driven through a Web server, I’m sure many of you will agree this is a great enhancement. The IBM i 7.2 announcement has the following:

The ability to run HTTP server jobs in a custom subsystem. Jobs are no longer tied to QHTTPSVR. This ensures HTTP server jobs have their own dedicated memory pool as needed.