Copy Performance Data using ACS IFS Tasks

This week, I want to review considerations to copy performance data to a different partition. Many IBM i shops may want to analyze performance data on a partition other than the production system.  The Performance Data Investigator uses SQL, and it may be desirable to keep that SQL workload off your production partition.  


Editing a File in the IFS with Navigator for i

Navigator allows you to edit IFS files with a simple text editor.

Last week I compared the features of the Integrated File System between Navigator for i and Access Client Solutions in Working with the IFS:  Access Client Solutions vs Navigator for i. One key difference is with Navigator you can edit files in the IFS, while with ACS you can only view files. I had also previously written about the support to edit files in Navigator with the IFS Enhancements to Navigator for i article. Navigator allows you to edit IFS files with a simple text editor. 


How to Back Up IFS Objects on Systems With IASPs

If an IBM i system has one or more independent auxiliary storage pools (IASPs) available and a Backup, Recovery & Media Services (BRMS) control group with a *LINK backup item for ASP device *ALLAVL is used to save integrated file system (IFS) objects, a single media file will be generated. The media file will contain objects from the system ASP, user ASPs and IASPs. BRMS will produce a saved item for objects in the system ASP and user ASPs and saved items for objects on each of the IASPs. Each of the saved items refer to the same media file.