PASE for Programmers

Download AIX Open Source binaries for your IBM i …

IBM i PASE Option 33 re-distributes many common AIX binaries so you do not have to FTP them from another AIX machine. However, if you are looking for additional PASE/Linux utilities found on many Linux laptops (zip, unzip, gunzip, etc.), check out Young i Professionals (YIPs) instructions for downloading AIX Open Source binaries into PASE.


Find Hot Spots Using Program Profiling

Here’s another tip for improving the performance of your ILE applications. In the blog post Improve Performance with Argument Optimization, I explained when argument optimization may speed up your programs and service programs. Today, I’d like to talk about another technique you may not be familiar with: program profiling. As with argument optimization, a full description of program profiling can be found in chapter 13 of IBM i ILE Concepts (SC41-5606).  For simplicity, I’ll just call it “profiling” in the rest of this post.


Using the Debug Memory Manager With RPG

RPG programmers who use RPG’s memory management operations (%ALLOC, %REALLOC and DEALLOC) should read the blog Debug Heap-Usage Problems about the debug memory manager. The debug memory manager can be used to locate errors in an application that uses heap storage. Debugging problems related to memory management can be very difficult because the symptom of the problem often occurs long after the problem was caused. I can attest from personal experience that the debug memory manager is a great tool. On one occasion it pinpointed my problem instantly. Without the debug memory manager, I would’ve had many repeated debug sessions, gradually working my way back to the original coding error that was causing the problem.