Automate Extra IPL for PTF Install

Do you get annoyed when it takes two IPLs to install a PTF package? If so, we’ve got a great, new function for you in IBM i 7.1. When you’re installing PTFs, there are two conditions where we prompt you to perform an IPL to apply some of the PTFs, require you to restart the PTF install after the first IPL, and then make you perform yet another IPL to apply the delayed PTFs:


Detach Spooled Files From a Job

Many of the larger IBM i environments need more sophisticated methods to manage the number of jobs on the system. If the absolute maximum number of jobs–as defined by the Maximum Number of Jobs (QMAXJOB) system value–for the system is reached, there can be some negative results such as:

  • An unplanned outage due to hitting the maximum number of jobs
  • A large numbers of jobs that contribute to long IPLs for unplanned outages. 
  • Consumption of job table entries