Are You Ready for World IPv6 Day

June 8, 2011, is World IPv6 Day. As I wrote a few weeks ago, the Internet is full; although IPv6 has been around for some time now, it is not widely used.

World IPv6 Day is an event to help with the transition to IPv6. Tim Mullenbach, who works on the IBM i networking development team and has been the lead developer on IPv6 for several years, has written an article on World IPv6 Day. In this article, Tim also reviews the IBM i IPv6 strategy and discusses the IBM i certifications for IPv6 enablement.

Within Tim’s article is one important question – does your IBM i connect as a client to any of the participants host names in the IPv6 Day event? You should read Tim’s article to determine if IPv6 Day could affect you.

This blog post was originally published on and is reproduced here by permission of IBM Systems Media.

The Internet is Full – i is Ready

A few weeks ago, I discovered the Internet was full. A Google search will find several articles on the topic.  I found it somewhat entertaining to think of the Internet as full, because it’s really far from full; content will forever be created and available at our fingertips. But, in the context of these articles, the Internet is full, not because it has no more capacity for content, but because it has no more capacity for additional users. Of course, all of us technical people know the real story …