Java on IBM i Security Updates

We all know that security vulnerabilities seem constant and ensuring you have the correct level of software to eliminate those vulnerabilities is very important. 

The IBM Technology for Java JVM is a common code base that runs on IBM i, so if updates are made to that code base, you need to ensure you get those same updates on your i. 


Performance Data Investigator—Better Than Ever

The Performance Data Investigator, or PDI for those that like to shorten things to Three Letter Acronyms, is a graphical user interface for viewing and analyzing IBM i performance data. Below are several enhancements that were made to the Performance Data Investigator in October of 2012:


Work With Your JVMs

Have you ever wanted to check the current garbage collection (GC) heap size, check GC performance or display the parameters the JVM was started with? If you have environments that use Java, these questions as well as many others probably come to mind.