Job Log Pending

Job log pending has long been a possible state for a job log. When a job has a pending job log, the job has ended but the job log has not yet been written to an spooled file. In older releases of IBM i, this could occur when you powered down the system – the job logs would be saved in a pending state and the job logs would be written to spool files when the system was powered back up.


Detach Spooled Files From a Job

Many of the larger IBM i environments need more sophisticated methods to manage the number of jobs on the system. If the absolute maximum number of jobs–as defined by the Maximum Number of Jobs (QMAXJOB) system value–for the system is reached, there can be some negative results such as:

  • An unplanned outage due to hitting the maximum number of jobs
  • A large numbers of jobs that contribute to long IPLs for unplanned outages. 
  • Consumption of job table entries

Additional Work Management Controls

The work-management team recently made available some changes with PTFs to help control the behavior of job creation for cases when a program may get in a loop submitting jobs. The change made with the PTF is to slow down the creation of new jobs when the system is approaching the limit for the maximum number of jobs (QMAXJOB system value).  This support is in the base operating system in 7.1 and later releases.