IBM i References

I like birthdays, even as the numbers get larger. I’ll admit that I like to get birthday presents; I like to give them too. This week marks the 4th year of the “i Can” blog, so this week’s blog is a gift of reading material.

The reference material in this blog is a bit dated, but I left it in place as some of these links are still useful. I will write a 2020 version at some point.


Making a Good First Impression, Then Making It Last

A positive out-of-box experience for clients deploying IBM i has been a key point of emphasis from day one, and will continue to be in the future. Much is owed to the integration of the operating system with key functions, such as security and database, and with IBM middleware like WebSphere Application Server. We package and test everything together as a fully integrated stack to ensure the quick and easy deployment of an IBM i system or partition.


Install IBM i 6.1.1 Over the Network

On October 20, IBM announced that an IBM i 6.1 environment on a POWER6 processor-based system can be upgraded to IBM i 6.1.1 with an image on the network file server. Prior to this enhancement, you’d have to install with physical media or with virtual media located locally on the system being upgraded. This required a manual FTP the virtual images across the network to the individual partitions to be installed.