IBM Power Virtualization Performance (PowerVP)

Do you have an IBM POWER7 or POWER8 server with virtualized workloads? If so, you probably have a need to monitor and manage the performance of these virtual workloads. IBM provides many performance tools at the operating system level that do a great job monitoring LPAR performance, but in order to see what is happening on the system level and how each partition is working in relation to the other partitions, you had to put together a jigsaw puzzle of information gathered from each partition. What is missing is a single view and collection of performance information at the system level. PowerVP fills this gap by providing a systemwide view of all of the LPARs on your POWER system with utilization information for the partitions. It also provides utilization information for the physical hardware that can be used to help you understand and manage the partitions and workloads on your system.