Java on IBM i Security Updates

We all know that security vulnerabilities seem constant and ensuring you have the correct level of software to eliminate those vulnerabilities is very important. 

The IBM Technology for Java JVM is a common code base that runs on IBM i, so if updates are made to that code base, you need to ensure you get those same updates on your i. 


IBM i 7.2 Enhancements for Permanent Storage Tracking

In the 7.2 release, IBM made many changes to improve temporary storage tracking. I’ve written about these enhancements in IBM i 7.2 Improved Temporary Storage Tracking Part 1Part2, and Part 3 blogs. You may also want to reread the blog, Understanding Disk Space Usage, which reviews IBM i temporary and permanent storage concepts. 

In addition to improving temporary storage tracking, IBM also made some improvements for permanent storage tracking in the 7.2 release. This post reviews three of them. 


New 7.2 System SSL Support

The IBM i 7.2 release is absolutely loaded with new System SSL capabilities. There are a couple major new features only available starting with the 7.2 release. There is also a subset of the 7.2 capabilities that escaped from the Rochester development lab last year as part of 7.1 TR6. The early content was baked into 7.2 before it found its way to 7.1. February’s System SSL blog remains relevant as the discussion turns to the 7.2 release. What you’ll notice for that content is how and when the new function is enabled has changed with the 7.2 release boundary. 


IBM i 7.2 – Audit PTF Install History

There was a short statement in the IBM i 7.2 announcementNew PTF improvements for tracking of Security Audit Log. That’s not very clear is it?Starting with IBM i 7.2, you now have the ability to track PTF installation history in the security audit journal. This support extends the QAUDLVL and QAUDLVL2 system values with additional parameters to specify the type of auditing you want the system to do on PTF operations. You can track changes to the system based upon PTF activity on the system, as well as PTF object changes.