How to End Jobs That Are Now Held for Maximum CPU or Temporary Storage Usage

Quite some time ago, I wrote the blog IBM i 7.1: Jobs Exceeding Their CPU or Storage Limits are Now Held. Earlier this year, the question was asked: “Hi, What if we WANT the job to end if it exceeds the max CPU? Can this be specified in the class?” I try to respond to most of the questions that are asked and this blog article provides an answer to that comment.


IBM i References

I like birthdays, even as the numbers get larger. I’ll admit that I like to get birthday presents; I like to give them too. This week marks the 4th year of the “i Can” blog, so this week’s blog is a gift of reading material.

The reference material in this blog is a bit dated, but I left it in place as some of these links are still useful. I will write a 2020 version at some point.


IBM i Job Trace

When you have a problem you need to resolve, how you approach doing problem determination depends upon the actual problem. IBM i has a very rich set of diagnostic tools for problem determination purposes.

In this week’s blog, I’ll talk about what is called the “job trace facility.”